By Wilbur van Niekerk, Chairman OD Union 

The only Constant in Life is Change – Heraclitus circa. 450BC

This quotation was one beloved of a legendary Bishops Latin teacher, Paul Dobson. 

And it is ‘Dobbo’s’ wisdom to which I turn when considering the complex topic of the OD Union and Transformation.

Any change is difficult and we experience colleagues who can cope with and encourage the changes and those who hang on to the past with all the might they possess.

As the ODU committee, we have to navigate through these waters and adapt accordingly, moving forward while not leaving anyone in the wake.

The reality is that the school, our Alma Mater, is changing and changing fast. The current Principal, Anthony Reeler has a brief from the College Council to transform the school to increasingly reflect the country’s population demographics.

His track record at his previous appointment, Pretoria Boy’s High, reflects the success he has in these endeavours.

Therefore, in the near future it is anticipated that the school will have increased numbers of its pupils who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. This means a shift over time in the composition of the OD Union membership, and, in all likelihood, an increase in the percentage of members who reside in and who are seeing a future within Southern Africa.

It is for this reason that we have launched the Invest in Our Future Foundation to provide assistance for new ODs as they venture out into what can be a confronting world.

In 1896, when the OD Union was formed it was to be a ‘bursary and building fund’. History does repeat itself. While we completely support the fundraising efforts of the Bishops Trust for the School, the IIOFF is an important vehicle to support ODs.

The modern OD Union remains a friend raiser in worldwide community with all ODs, but without support for ODs we will in all probability fall short of our mandate which is to assist and mentor ODs wherever they may be.

The IIOFF presents a wonderful opportunity for us to do something now for the future.

I encourage you to join us on this road.

Wilbur van Niekerk
Chairman: ODU Committee