Management of the Invest in Our Future Foundation

The IIOFF is a registered PBO Trust under the management of a Board of Trustees. 

Our funds are held in this Trust along with assistance from the Citadel Philanthropy Foundation Trust which is the first donor-advised fund of its kind in South Africa. It enables individuals and corporates to donate money to the foundation, and make recommendations on how that money is invested and distributed. 

It is effectively a collective foundation (one foundation with many sub-accounts).

The Citadel Philanthropy Foundation Trust is a registered public benefit organisation in terms of the Income Tax Act (PBO registration number 930 042 339).

The Trustees have been identified based on their commitment and affinity to Bishops and involvement with other educational institutions and have agreed to take up their role for an initial three-year period.

The Trustees’ primary function will be to oversee the Trust’s investments in order to provide tertiary education bursaries to school leavers and offer financial support to OD start-ups.

The current Board of Trustees are:

James Sedgwick; Sanjay Daya; David McGregor; Simon Burrow (representing the Old Diocesans Union), Chris Ekron (representing the Diocesan College)

Two other Trustees will be appointed in due course

Full Curriculum Vitaes of the Trustees are available at